The energy balance helps your body feel better

Reiki is the ability to harmonize and restore the correct balance between individual and universal energy.

Reiki, owing to the deep state of relaxation to which it leads and without replacing any medical treatment, but merely acting as a supplement, can help relieve acute pain, eliminate toxins, regenerate tissues, recover more quickly after giving birth, operations, diseases and periods of intense stress. It helps to increase the immune system, get out of states of depression and fatigue, calm and reassure patients in a state of anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and overcome diseases of psychosomatic origin.
It is useful alongside cancer treatments to reduce the pain and side effects of the medicine, even when palliative therapies are used. Beneficial in migraines and headaches.
Increasing the sense of well-being of the patient and helping the organism to recover its harmony, it intensifies the benefits obtained from other health interventions, including acupuncture.