Method MIE

The term MIE indicates Energetic Integrated Medicine. In this method I have combined the practice of several integrated medicines, first of all acupuncture, osteopathy, reiki, associated with many indications, exercises and practices that you can perform on your own at home to return to be relaxed even during stressful periods.

Irene Moglia

Surgeon, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Reiki Master and Karuna Master.


Using thin needles placed in specific points of the body induces the release of endorphins and neurormones able to relax, remove inflammation, relax and rebalance your body.


Through the use of small needles the pharmacological product is inoculated in the area of pain, inflammation or block of movement.


Osteopathy Through the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, abdominal viscera and cranial structures helps to rebalance and give the right freedom of movement to your body.


Through the emanation of a biomagnetic field from the hands of the therapist the vibration of the cells is brought back to the state of health.

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Studio Casati

Via Panfilo Castaldi 29, nel cortile interno, porta in fondo sul lato sinistro.

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