Method MIE

The MIE Method indicates Energetic Integrated Medicine. It was born from the simultaneous application of numerous integrated medicines, primarily acupuncture, osteopathy and reiki.

  • With osteopathy you first treat your physical body and your head, restoring the most possible balance and fluidity in the tissues and fluids.
  • With acupuncture I work mainly on the energy meridians, on the Chi or Qi energy, on the liquids, on the nervous and endocrine systems and therefore on the whole chain of stimulations and hormones responsible for stress.
  • With reiki I work on the chakras and the vibrational component of the diseased organ, helping it to regain its healthy vibration. From the latest scientific research it seems that the basis of this process is the emanation of a biomagnetic field from the hands of the therapist.

Their combination of osteopathy, acupuncture and reiki in the same session allows me to work more completely on the person, as each of us is made of body, mind and spirit.
All three techniques work on emotions and bring relaxation. For this reason the MIE Method is strongly indicated for stressful situations.
Following this same principle of global work on the individual, at the end of treatment I advise my patient some specific exercises to be carried out daily on his own.
I speak above all of physical exercises, acupressure, diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, conscious walking, raising one’s awareness and centering.
The exercises are short 5-15 minutes a day,; you can often do them during the usual trips to and from your workplace. It is their constant application over time that creates change in the person.
Each of us is a fundamental element for our own healing. The way in which life and its challenges are faced, the way in which one respects oneself, one takes care of oneself and one listens to oneself makes the clear difference between health and illness.
I try to help the person find his center and continue with joy in this adventure called life.

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