Mesotherapy is a medical technique based on the administration of drugs through the skin, intraepidermally and intradermally, superficially or deep. The locally injected drugs, allopathic or omo-toxicologic, diffuse the inoculation into the underlying tissues, and exert a direct and more prolonged effect, with the advantage of avoiding the systemic involvement of oral or intramuscular therapies.
Thin and very short (4mm) needles are used, performing localized microinjections with minimal doses of drug. The acupunctural stimulus and the drug specific therapeutic action combine and enhance their effects.
In my surgery I apply mesotherapy for pain relieving purposes, for the treatment of osteo-muscular pain (back pain, arthrosis, sciatica, neck pain …) and trauma (whiplash, sprains, tendinopathy …).
Mesotherapy can be curative or adjuvant to other medical therapies.

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